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Blackberry 9900

Blackberry 9900

Recently RIM has started falling a bit behind the times but now with the imminent release of their flagship device the Balckberry 9900 it remains to be answered, will they be back in the game read on to find out…

Blackberry 9900 outside

The Blackberry 9900 is keeping very in line with the rest of the Bold family in terms of initial appearance, Some have even criticised it to be identical to the bold 9000 but in truth there are a few design notable differences. The Blackberry 9900 is a very chic looking piece of kit, even more so than any other Blackberry bold. The reason being that it has a very attractive chrome outer edge covering and a textured glass back panel.

Blackberry 9900 Touchscreen

The Blackberry 9900’s 2.8” screen is not only highly responsive but it’s graphics look very sharp and bright. At just 640x480 pixels the screen is a bit small but luckily the Blackberry 9900 comes with a track-pad  which makes light work of  those awkward touchscreen moments.

Blackberry 9900

Blackberry 9900 speed and power

With a 1.2GHz ARM processor and a generous 768MB of RAM the Blackberry 9900 sounds like a mighty little beast but let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

‘1.2GHz on a BlackBerry is an admirable leap forward. The extra speed and power makes the whole user experience fast and smooth but really at this day and age it is an essential upgrade for any phone hoping to keep up.

BlackBerry 7 on the Blackberry 9900

So the new and much anticipated Blackberry OS7 makes its debut on the Blackberry 9900 but what does this mean for us? Not much unfortunately. It’s not much different to OS7.  What are the differences? Well OS 7 now has a Facebook app, accelerometer, a digital compass, an and a proximity sensor. Great! It would have been more accurate to have called it OS 6.1.

Blackberry 9900

Blackberry 9900 final word

The BlackBerry 9900 is an exciting Blackberry device. It’s got brilliant spec for a Blackberry, but in comparison to phones by other brands out there within the same price range, it doesn’t really cut it. On a more positive note though, it is a good looking phone and has more than enough ability to perform its duties as a mobile web machine. If you like Blackberry you will love the Blackberry 9900! The success of this handset will really depend on what price it is offered at and also the Blackberry 9900 deals available.